Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation was founded in 1999 by the family and friends of Michael Rolfe, who died of pancreatic cancer two weeks after diagnosis. Rolfe Foundation (headquartered in Chicago) raises charitable dollars to provide grants to top-tier medical institutions for innovative research in early detection pancreatic cancer. The Foundation also partners with organizations that offer specialized support services for patients and families. Currently, the Foundation supports pancreatic cancer labs at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, The University of Chicago, NYU, and Mayo Clinic. Since inception, Rolfe Foundation has raised close to $9 million toward its mission. To learn more, visit www.rolfefoundation.org.

Lustgarten Foundation is America's largest private foundation dedicated to funding pancreatic cancer research. Based in Bethpage, N.Y., the Foundation supports research to find a cure for pancreatic cancer, facilitates dialogue within the medical and scientific community, and educates the public about the disease through awareness campaigns and fundraising events. Since its inception, Lustgarten Foundation has directed $132 million to research and assembled the best scientific minds with the hope that one day, a cure can be found. Thanks to private funding, 100 percent of every dollar donated to the Foundation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research. To learn more, visit www.lustgarten.org.

For more information, email info@rolfefoundation.org.