Course Map & Instructions

2022 Course Map
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Start Line/Corral Information:

Your designated corral corresponds to the letter of the alphabet on your race bib. There are 3 corrals today - R for Runners / W for Walkers participating individually / T for Teams walking together.

Corral assignments are based on the question that you answered during the registration process and are designed to ensure that ALL registered runners and walkers are able to participate in the manner that they selected.

Corral R for Runners is designated more for those who will be running for a time rather than those who will be walking or participating with their team. This corral will start First.  

Corral W for Walkers 
is for those walkers who will be participating individually and are not a member of a team. This corral will start Second.

Corral T for Teams 
is for those participants who will be staying with their respective teams during the walk/run. We do ask that you make sure that your groups are no more than 2 abreast on the racecourse and are aware of those who may be participating in a competitive manner. This corral will start Third.

If you'd like to change corrals, we ask that you do the following:

If you are running for a time, please move to Corral R
If you are walking as an individual, please move to Corral W

We do ask that large teams start in the T Corral. This will enable you to all stay together on the course. 

Have questions about event details?

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