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2022 DASH for Detection Fundraiser

In the fight against pancreatic cancer, research is our best weapon.

Many of us in the Rolfe community have experienced hardship and loss due to pancreatic cancer. One of the reasons why it is still the nation's 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths is because the symptoms are difficult to detect at the early stages.

Through fundraising and donations, Rolfe supports research that works to develop a diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer in its earliest stage, when it's most treatable. We also raise money for top-tier research institutions to attract more scientists dedicated to pancreatic cancer research focusing on early detection. 

With your support, together we can give patients a fighting chance.

Recent Donors

Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation From hosting our first board meeting in an intimate Highland Park living room in 1999, to becoming one of the most respected early detection pancreatic cancer foundations—Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has significant reason to believe that HOPE is on the horizon. Before Rolfe Foundation was founded, there were only a handful of researchers in the country devoted to fighting pancreatic cancer. Today, there are thousands of committed experts invested in this cause and we owe this progress to the unwavering support of our Board Members, volunteers, and advocates who have all been deeply affected by this disease. Rolfe Foundation is dedicated to raising charitable dollars to provide funding to the top-tier medical research institutions for early detection pancreatic cancer. We also provide vital support to patients and families in crisis to ensure they are receiving the best specialized pancreatic cancer resources available. Rolfe Foundation has raised over $11 million towards its mission. To learn more, visit www.rolfefoundation.org.


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