ing Together wherever and however you like with friends, family and the Rolfe community is a fun way to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. All funds raised will support much-needed patient and family services and can prevent future pancreatic cancer-related deaths by funding early detection research.

We are all in this fight together, so read these Fundraising Tips & Tools to make the most of your 2021 DASHing Together event!


  • Whatever activity you're doing, whether walking, swimming, or dancing, ask your friends and family to sponsor you per mile, lap or minute!
  • Organize a Field Day/Lawn Olympics: Friends and family can pay to enter or create teams and compete in cornhole, balloon toss, or other socially distant outdoor games!
  • Get your coworkers involved! If your company matches donations, ask your network to support your fundraising efforts with gifts that meet that matching minimum. (Most mid-to-large-sized companies have a donation matching program. Check out to see if your company matches HERE or ask your HR for details!)
  • DASHing to remember a loved one? If they had a favorite number, ask that many friends to donate that many dollars in their honor! (i.e., 18 friends to donate $18 each)
  • Set up a raffle to build excitement and it's a win/win for the donors and for Rolfe! Ideas include:
  • 50/50: Half of the proceeds go to Rolfe Foundation, the other to the winner (who may donate it back!)
  • Mystery Box: Fill a box with goodies and the winner takes all
  • Restaurant Giveaways: Ask a local restaurant to donate a gift card


One of the BEST ways to have a successful fundraising event is to share your story! By letting people know why you are participating and who you are DASHing for, they will understand why it's important to you!

For sample emails, texts, and social media posts on how to contact your friends, family members, and colleagues about DASHing Together Virtually - CLICK HERE!


Only $100 left until you hit your goal? Share your fundraising milestones with your friends, family, and coworkers! Often people wait to see how much is needed at the end before they donate. Keep everyone up to date via your social media, email, or text, and make sure to include the link to your fundraising page to make it easy for them to support you!

Once you hit your goal, celebrate with your community and let them know that they can still continue to donate until 8/10!


Questions regarding event details or Rolfe Foundation?