DASHing Incentives 

While we won't be DASHing together this year, our community still rings strong. At Rolfe Foundation, everything we do is in support of that community—whether you're in treatment, in remission or caring for a loved one—we remain here for you. Your families and your stories have always been our inspiration, and we want to showcase them!


The Power of Stories

This year, we'll be featuring stories from the top fundraisers at this year's DASHing Together Virtually event. We'll share a video from each of the top two Team Fundraisers,* and the top two Individual Fundraisers:


  • Honor your loved one who was recently diagnosed
  • Show your support for someone currently fighting
  • Celebrate a survivor
  • Share the legacy of a loved one who lost their battle

By sharing their stories, we're honoring their strength and their life. And equally as important, we're ensuring that others experiencing similar paths don't feel alone. 


Whether you’re part of a team, or on your own, know that each of you are a part of a bigger story. And together—even virtually—we can make an impact for those who have been diagnosed with, or affected by, Pancreatic Cancer.


*The Team Captain will be responsible for choosing the person(s) that their Team's video will highlight.


DASHing Awards

Just because we're going virtual, doesn't mean we're losing out on the creativity and camaraderie of DASHing Together! Check out these categories, then get your creative caps, because if you win one of these, you and your Team will be the stars of 2021 DASHing marketing materials!


Largest Team

One team. One goal. Gather your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, even your favorite coffee barista and come together to show your support while making an impact. (Make sure you follow your local social distancing guidelines of course!)


Most Creative Posts

From coordinated costumes and signage to outrageous locations and DASHing styles, go crazy while making a statement that you're fighting pancreatic cancer!


Best Selfies/Team Photos

Whether you're a budding Steven Spielberg, Greta Gerwig or Annie Leibovitz, this is a great opportunity to capture you and your team's spirit! Send us your photos, videos, selfies, and more to showcase all of the fun ways you're DASHing! Don't forget to share these on your social sites, tagging @RolfeFoundation and using the hashtag #DASHingTogether!


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